Duties and Regulations: 'An Unpopular Policeman is Useless as a Detective'

By and large, the majority of duties of the Queensland’s Policeman were spelt out in, very great detail, in numerous rules and regulations guidelines. Due to the intricate and precarious nature of police service in a metropolis, and the police and public relationship, a police manual meticulously outlined the duties and definitions of virtually everything a policeman could encounter on the job.

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Anastasia Dukova
Mysterious Explosion at the Brisbane CIB, 1927

On 14 August 1927, the Criminal Investigation Branch building was rocked by a violent explosion in a property room. ‘The roar of the discharge was heard for miles around, being audible in the suburbs.’ (BC, 15 Aug 1927, p. 13) Numerous crime records and exhibits in cases before the Police and Supreme Courts were destroyed, and nearly all windows and doors were shattered. Considerable damage from timber, iron and plaster hurled through the air was done to the buildings in the area.

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